Variable, Inc


Variable is a tech startup in Chattanooga that makes Node, the world’s only bluetooth low energy sensor platform which uses interchangeable modules. If you have no clue what that means you’ll know how I felt the first time I heard about them. What separates the node platform from other sensors on the market is that you can combine their various sensors, such as their colorimeter, humidity, temperature or CO2 sensors so that you can get multiple readings at once.


Working with them has shown me how vital their sensors can be to companies. If the fact that each time I go into their offices they’ve expanded and hired new employees (seriously, its just constant change over there) is any indication of their success you should be on the lookout for Variable and Node’s growth over the next few years.

Variable Web Site

Variable is a part of a growing number of web sites starting to use videos to power their background. In addition to the background video there are various stills taken from videos I produced for them serving as images on their site.

Variable Site

Culture at Variable

Culture at Variable

Node+ for Sci Fi Scanner

Node+ For Sci Fi Scanner

What If - Chroma

What IF - Chroma