Deacon Jones

Growing up in Eastern North Carolina I was always familiar with the Deacon Jones brand. I always knew that they were a trusted brand but it wasn’t until I started working with them that I started to hear about the extremes that they go to so the customer is treated right. I’ve never even remotely heard of other dealerships doing the things they do but they don’t use this as an advertising technique or a tactic, they do it as a sincere desire to treat the customer the best way they can treat them.


Despite the fact that I work in video Deacon Jones represents the first time I’ve actually done commercials for broadcast as a freelancer. Its been a different challenge to work within the constraints of a 30 second spot which is unlike the unconstrained time I have on my normal work. Regardless its been a pleasure to work with such a prestigious and trusted brand in Eastern North Carolina.

Deacon Jones Regional Preowned Outlet

Deacon Jones RPO

Deacon Jones Smokin Summer Sales Event

Smokin' Hot Summer Sales Event

Tradition of Deacon Jones

Tradition of Deacon Jones

Star Spangled Savings

Tradition of Deacon Jones